Fees and charges

Our Revenue and Financing Policy guides our decisions on how to fund Council services. Under the policy, we take into account who benefits from a service (individuals, parts of the community, or the community as a whole) to help us determine how the service should be funded. The policy sets targets for each Council activity, determining what proportion should be funded from each of user charges, general rates, targeted rates and other sources of income.

New fees will be implemented as of 1 July 2014 and are inclusive of GST unless otherwise stated. For more information see

Note that the following list of fees and charges is not a complete list of all fees and charges levied by the Council. It consists of those fees and charges subject to consultation.

Trade Waste

We are increasing our fees for trade waste, required to maintain policy compliance. The Wellington Trade Waste Bylaw 2004 expects full cost recovery from trade waste customers and the Council is moving towards this in a staged approach as part of its Long-term Plan. The changes are set out below.

Annual Licence For Registered Premises Current Fee 2014/15 Fee
Conveyance & Transport of Trade Waste    
Up to 100m3/day $0.26/m3 $0.27/m3
Between 100m3/day and 7000m3/day $0.12/m3 $0.13/m3
Above 7000m3/day $0.83/m3 $0.85/m3
Up to 3150kg/day $0.28/kg $0.29/m3
Above 3150kg/day $0.63/kg $0.64/m3
Suspended Solids    
Up to 1575kg/day $0.27/kg $0.28/m3
Above 1575kg/day $0.51/kg $0.52/m3