Chief Executive’s Introduction

Chief Executive Kevin Lavery

This is the second Annual Plan since I came to Wellington to be Chief Executive. This plan represents bold thinking, clear planning and a focus on long-term and sustainable growth.

There has been a big debate about whether Wellington’s economy is growing or contracting, but what cannot be disputed is that growth levels are on an upward trajectory and that there is still significant potential to do better. This plan is about consolidating that recent improvement.

Wellington has all the raw ingredients a world-class city needs. It has a high quality of life, vibrant public spaces, stunning natural attractions and a compact urban form that means everything is within minutes of the amenities you would expect of a cosmopolitan city. Simply, this is a great place to live.

But, there is a challenge for us to face. We must continue to deliver high-quality, value-for-money services but we also have to up our game. We have, we are and we will. This 2014/15 Annual Plan represents the projects, the people and the resources we need to really drive Wellington towards a sustainable, bright and prosperous future.

Contained within our plan is a package of 8 Big Ideas. These ideas represent significant opportunities for Wellington’s growth and global sectors like film and technology. They also represent what we are doing to improve our physical access to the world and the smart ways we can move around our city.

In addition to our 8 Big Ideas, we will deliver a no cuts, no surprises budget. That means we will continue to deliver the high-quality services you expect and deserve, we will continue to support our hugely important local infrastructure like our libraries and sports grounds and we will continue to put a human face to our city with our work to help alleviate homelessness.

The 2014/15 Annual Plan is a comprehensive and meaningful plan of action that has been shaped by Wellingtonians for Wellington.

Chief Executive Kevin Lavery signature.

​Chief Executive